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10 Dietitian Tips for A More Nutritious Seafood Boil

10 Dietitian Tips for a More Nutritious Seafood Boil

#1 Cut the added salt in half of what you would normally prepare.

#2 Use liquid crab boil instead of traditional seafood boil for less sodium.

#3 Choose seasonings that are low in sodium or salt free.

#4 Add extra vegetables into the boil.

#5 Use lots of fresh flavorful ingredients like lemon, garlic, and herbs.

#6 Make a dip using low-fat mayonnaise that includes lemon and fresh herbs.

#7 Make a spicy dip using low-fat mayonnaise with chili, lime, and cilantro.

#8 Use an alternative method of cooking like a baked or grilled foil boil packet.

#9 If adding sausage, try using chicken or turkey sausage for a lower fat option.

#10 Use leftovers to top salad greens.