An Old-Fashioned

Butcher Shop

We’re proud to continue the South Louisiana tradition of family-owned butcher shops.

Our butcher shop offers higher-quality beef, pork and poultry that’s priced lower than other grocers. Beef and pork are cut by hand.  And dozens of fresh sausage and Cajun specialties are crafted in store using Rouse Family Recipes that go back generations. We also offer handmade entrées, like whole stuffed chickens and beef pinwheels.


Each Rouses Market features a full-service butcher shop with master butchers available to answer your questions about cuts, grades and cooking. Special orders are welcome.


We offer steakhouse quality USDA Prime beef and USDA Choice beef. Less than 2% of all beef is certified as USDA Prime. USDA Prime has the most marbling, which gives beef its flavor and tenderness. Most of our stores also have a dry-aged beef locker. Beef is aged at least 25 days. Every steak we sell is cut in store. On the more affordable end, we have USDA Select Beef.


Along with high quality, fresh and frozen Tyson poultry, and our own no-antibiotic, no-hormone Rouses brand, you’ll find Katie’s Best at most stores. Katie’s Best wholesome, naturally raised, antibiotic-free, organic poultry is air-chilled, which results in tender, great-tasting chicken.

Rouses Boudin

“In Cajun country before the days of standard refrigeration, the farmers’ cold-weather boucherie tradition didn’t allow for any part of the pig to go unappreciated. These dishes are woven into the flavors of our food culture. Here is a partial list of South Louisiana meat market classics.”

—Pableaux Johnson, My Rouses Everyday



This meaty, coarser-textured pork sausage is used in everything from slow-cooked gumbos to Monday night red beans. It’s made with chunks of pork shoulder (often called the “Boston butt” cut of the hog) and simply spiced with garlic, curing salts and various peppers (usually black and cayenne).


This spicy, rice-based pork sausage is perfect with a bottle of cold beer. The various styles include the liver-heavy varieties (with an earthy flavor) or those with more recognizable pork pieces. Or as a tasty variation, squeeze the tasty boudin filling from the casing, form it into spheres and pan-fry them for another snack treat: crispy boudin balls.

Hogshead Cheese

For the uninitiated, this common (and tasty) specialty can be a hard sell. It’s sausage-like, kind of gelatinous, and similar to a classic countrified French terrine, but pretty it ain’t. Tender meat from a long-boiled pig’s head (hence the name) is ground and cooled into a jellified loaf and served cold. If you haven’t tried it, give it a solid shot. And if you’d like to appreciate it in a different form, melt a block of hogshead cheese in a stovetop pot and eat it like a bowl of pig-based chili.


The potent smoked meat known as tasso is basically spicy Cajun pork jerky and is a workhorse in local kitchens. Brined for preservation and smoked until flavors are highly concentrated, this amazing product is used sparingly, mostly as a flavoring agent in just about any slow-cooked stew or vegetable dish (greens or beans). A little goes a long way, but a good long way.

“Years ago we made a family commitment to only sell 100% American beef, pork and poultry.”

—Donny Rouse, CEO, 3rd Generation