Cajun Specialties

Butcher Shop

A FULL-SERVICE BUTCHER SHOP with old-fashioned, personalized customer service.

Each Rouses Market features a full-service butcher shop with master butchers who cut meats to order, and are available to answer your questions about cuts, grades and cooking. We offer higher-quality beef, pork and poultry that’s priced lower than other grocers. Beef and pork are cut by hand.  And dozens of fresh sausage and Cajun specialties are crafted in store using Rouse Family Recipes that go back generations. We also offer handmade entrées, like whole stuffed chickens and beef pinwheels, and grill-ready burgers and kabobs.

Our butcher shop has been a local favorite for 60 years. We feature steakhouse quality USDA Prime beef and USDA Choice Angus beef. Less than 2% of all beef is certified as USDA Prime. USDA Prime has the most marbling, which gives beef its flavor and tenderness. Most of our stores also have a dry-aged beef locker. Beef is aged at least 25 days. On the more affordable end, we have USDA Select Beef.

Along with high quality, fresh and frozen Tyson poultry, and our own no-antibiotic, no-hormone Rouses Market brand, you’ll find Katie’s Best at most stores. Katie’s Best wholesome, naturally raised, antibiotic-free, organic poultry is air-chilled, which results in tender, great-tasting chicken.


You don’t need to hold a boucherie to enjoy sausage, boudin and other Cajun meats. That’s what Rouses Markets are for!


An import that originated in France, Andouille — pronounced ahn-doo-wee — is a dense, highly seasoned, heavily smoked sausage combining pork chunks or pieces — or coarsely ground pork (usually from the shoulder), garlic, onion and pepper. Despite its French ancestry and name, andouille actually owes its spicy flavor and peppery heat to the sausage traditions of another South Louisiana immigrant group — the Germans, who brought their boucherie and distinctive sausage-making traditions with them.


Rice, pork, spices and usually liver stuffed into a natural pork sausage casing. Rouses boudin is made from a family recipe that goes back to the store’s founder, Anthony Rouse, which means its flavor has stood the test of time.

Fresh Sausage

Pure ground pork or poultry is mixed with seasonings such as red, black and white peppers; onions; and usually a bit of fresh green onion tops. Rouses butchers make several kinds, including a fresh Italian sausage spiced up with peppers and anise seed or fennel, and a fresh green onion sausage flavored with green onion tops and Cajun seasonings.

Salt Meat and Pickle Pork

Salt meat comes from the belly of the pig, while pickled pork comes from the front leg or picnic (lower part of the shoulder). But both meats are salt cured, meaning they’re preserved with a mixture of salt, sugar and nitrates, and both are a great flavoring for lima beans, white beans, red beans and mustard greens.

Smoked Sausage

Ground beef, pork or chicken are mixed with Rouses seasonings and green onions, then stuffed in a casing and smoked. Smoked sausage, with its distinctive smoky flavor and smell, is a must for several Cajun dishes — gumbo, jambalaya, and white or red beans and rice.


Tasso is not a true ham, because it’s made from the front shoulder, rather than the rear leg, of a pig. Brined for preservation and smoked until flavors are highly concentrated, tasso is used to flavor jambalaya, as well as just about any slow-cooked stew or vegetable dish — think greens and beans.

Hogshead Cheese

Is hogshead cheese really cheese? No. It’s sausage-like, kind of gelatinous and similar to a classic countrified French terrine. Tender meat from a long-boiled pig’s head (hence the name) is ground and cooled into a jellied loaf and served cold. It is usually eaten on crackers or bread.