Fresh Produce

Our Roots Are In The Local Produce Business.

“My great grandfather, J.P. Rouse, founded the City Produce Company in 1923, bringing fruits and vegetables from local, independent farms to the rest of the state and eventually stores around the country. 90 years later, my family is more committed than ever to supporting our farmer neighbors. We work directly with each farming family to bring you the first and freshest of every crop.”

—Donny Rouse, CEO, 3rd Generation

At Season’s Peak

Mississippi Blueberries

Our Mississippi blueberries come from Allen Eubanks of Lucedale, Mississippi, who has been farming for a quarter of a century. He’s the fourth generation in his family to work the soil. Peak production for the fruit ranges from the end of May through July 4.

Louisiana Creole Tomatoes

Louisiana Creole Tomatoes

Creole tomatoes may not be as pretty as their beefsteak and Roma cousins — they tend to be knobby, with orange-red to bright-red skin and flesh — but you can’t beat the taste. Creole tomatoes are grown in the fertile fields of the southeastern part of Louisiana, in particular St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes. The unique river soils and warm climate of these parishes produce sugar-sweet tomatoes with an exceptionally intense “tomato-y” flavor. Although the Creole tomato was named the official vegetable of Louisiana in 2003, a tomato — even a Creole tomato — is technically a fruit.

Produce That Tastes As Good As It Looks

We stock more than 300 types of fruits and vegetables and over 100 organic selections grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers every day. Our produce buyers travel to Washington to pick our apples, Idaho for our potatoes, and across the Gulf Coast to meet with local farmers.

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