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Our magazine celebrates the Gulf Coast’s unique culture, history and cuisine. Each issue delivers a mix of food, drink, recipes, culinary how-tos, and more. It is one of largest grocery store publications in the nation.

Our roster of award-winning writers and photographers includes contributors to The New York Times, Saveur, Garden & Gun, the Atlantic, Texas Monthly and more.

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Canned Vegetables

For whatever reason, the first food my mind goes to are those mixed vegetables. They were cooked in a pot on an old gas stove that I sometimes got to help with the pilot light (I got to strike the matches), and after being heated, were transferred onto a white ceramic plate.

Smothered & Stewed

When I was growing up on the banks of Bayou Black, my mother made an amazingly tasty dish she called smothered potatoes. To cook a dish big enough to feed our family—six boys, my parents and my Wells grandparents who lived with us—she would caramelize six to eight large yellow onions, chopped, in a big pot. Then she would throw in her diced potatoes (about double the volume of onions) and stir everything together.

The Fry's The Limit

There is an entire grocery store of things that would be terrible ideas to fry! If you doubt me, google “fried” and the least fry-worthy foods you can think of. You will find a recipe for it.

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