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Naturally Frank Davis

Ask anyone to make a list of renaissance men of the 20th century in New Orleans, and media legend Frank Davis would undoubtedly be near the top of the list. A four-decade fixture on both radio and television for WWL, Frank not only served as a wellspring of, and reflection for, neighborhood culture in the Crescent City on the small screen and airwaves, but worked to redefine how audiences approach recipe development and familiar ingredients in their own kitchen, providing the sort of authentic, familial approach to home cooking in his broadcasts that had yet to be seen locally with his “Naturally N’Awlins!” warmth and innate storytelling abilities.


“It was loaded with butter. She would coat the dough with cinnamon, pecans, butter, a lot of brown sugar and caramelized sugar, and roll everything up in a long tube. She would then chop it into discs about the size of hockey pucks.” In special baking tins she had brought with her from Germany, she put butter on the bottom, added the discs of dough, and topped them with yet more pecans and sugar, then into the oven they’d go. “Even today, when I go into a bakery, and there’s that heavy buttery pecan-cinnamon smell, it just transports me right back to Oma’s kitchen. It was just unbelievably good — the whole neighborhood smelled like schnecken, down the entire block.”

Feast Day

While not all feast day festivities for Our Lady of Guadalupe are the same — some people honor her for 46 days, others begin their ceremonies on the day of Juan Diego’s first apparition, Dec. 9 — the sacred celebration is becoming a more widespread, and well-known, part of the holiday tapestry across the United States as Hispanic populations continue to grow.

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