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Houma Indians, Cajuns and Crawfish

You might be surprised to learn that the Cajuns were not the first to look at a crawfish and think: “Hmm, that looks tasty. I think I will eat 200 of them for dinner.” Still, crawfish proved the perfect food for the Cajuns when they got to Louisiana, in that it was cheap, nutritious and an ideal canvas for the application of French culinary techniques.

Remoulade and Ravigote

Remoulade and ravigote sauces are French classics that changed dramatically after making the trip across the Atlantic to New Orleans.

New Orleans Own BBQ Shrimp

Newcomers to New Orleans are often puzzled by our famous barbeque shrimp, a dish that bears no relation to any form of conventional barbeque despite the name. Pascal Radosta, of Pascal’s Manale Restaurant fame, is credited with inventing the now classic dish at his Uptown restaurant on Napoleon Avenue in 1954.

Seafood con Queso

This broad appeal is no surprise to James Beard award winner Chef Frank Brigtsen, the celebrated chef-owner of New Orleans’ renowned restaurant Brigtsen’s. Chef Brigtsen helped introduce New Orleanians to Mexican food at the helm of the late Chef Paul Prudhomme’s seminal restaurant, K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen.

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