Seafood Market

You’re either local or you’re not!” – Donny Rouse, CEO, 3rd Generation

We grew up boiling on the bayou! Get boiled Louisiana Crawfish hot from the pot 11am to 7pm every day. We also have ice tables full of raw head-on Gulf shrimp.


Fishing has been a unique way of life for people here on the Gulf Coast for generations. As the Gulf Coast’s grocer, and avid fishers ourselves, we feel a particular commitment to preserve and protect our seafood industry, which plays such an important role in our culture and economy.

“I can honestly say you will not find anyone with more enthusiasm than we at Rouses have for the people, waterways and fisheries of our Gulf Coast. But our commitment doesn’t end at our coast. We’re mindful of how all of our seafood is caught and farmed.” – Donny Rouse, CEO, 3rd Generation


Our search for the best begins right here at home. Most of our seafood comes from local fishermen with whom we have close personal and professional relationships. We’re also a proud partner of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), whose mission is to conserve and protect our coast and waterways.


Our wild-caught seafood – like Alaska salmon and Louisiana shrimp – is caught in natural habitats such as oceans, gulfs, lakes, bays, rivers and basins.


Several fish and shellfish species thrive in an acqua farm setting, including Mississippi catfish and Alabama oysters. We work with trusted fish farmers that use the best acquaculture practices.


Seafood, like produce, has seasons. We source in-season from the East Coast and West Coast, and from countries around the world. Fresh fish is caught and delivered jet fresh to our stores.


Thanks to modern freezing methods, you can enjoy seasonal favorites like wild-caught Alaska salmon year-round.


Get the health benefits of fresh or frozen and the budget benefits of packaged by choosing responsibly sourced canned or jarred.