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Prepared Foods

“Whether you observe Lent and forgo eating meat on Fridays and holy days, or just love seafood, you live in exactly the right place”

—Donny Rouse, CEO, 3rd Generation


Seafood Selections On Our Hotline

Enjoy delicious seafood dishes during Lenten season, including our famous fried catfish. It’s a Rouse Family Recipe that goes back three generations. We also have seafood-stuffed catfish, a tomatoey shrimp Creole, shrimp etouffee, stuffed crabs, blackened shrimp pasta, fried green tomatoes, sweet corn hushpuppies, and vegetarian white beans and rice.

Ready-To-Eat Seafood Meals in our Deli

Our chefs and cooks season our seafood with just the right mix of Cajun spices. Get our fried Cajun Shrimp with hushpuppies and fries for $5, and our fried Seafood Platter with catfish, shrimp and stuffed crab, hushpuppies and fries for $19.99 every day during Lenten season.

Grab & Go Seafood in our Deli

Enjoy our new fried green tomato salad with shrimp (or crawfish) Remoulade, and popular seafood favorites: blackened shrimp pasta, seafood stuffed potatoes and tuna salad-stuffed tomatoes.


$5 Deli & Sushi Deals

Our daily deli deals are prepared fresh daily. They’re perfect for lunch and only $5!

Hot Food

Tired of fast food? You’ll always find something hot and delicious on our line. Depending on your location, you might find barbecue, pizzas, burritos or a Mongolia Grill with made-to-order rice and noodle bowls. Our chefs and cooks feature seafood every Friday during Lent.

Grab & Go

The recipes for our famous chicken salad, Southern fried chicken, jambalaya and stuffed artichokes have been passed down from generation to generation. And nobody makes a betta muffaletta! All of our stores feature grab-and-go meals like rotisserie chickens, fresh sandwiches and salads, and heat-and-eat dinners.

Hot Soup & Salad Bar

Our make-your-own salad bar features an ever-changing selection of prepared salads and fresh cut vegetables and fruits. Our hot soup menu changes daily, though you’ll always find our famous gumbo — it’s a favorite year-round.

Fresh Sushi

Our sushi chefs handcraft fresh sashimi, sushi rolls and poke bowls right before your eyes. We also have a variety of sampler platters, and sides like edamame and seaweed salad. Special orders and sushi platters are available.

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