Brown sugar glaze … bourbon glaze … maple cranberry glaze … cider glaze … root beer glaze … orange honey glaze … it is enough to make one’s eyes glaze over when considering the variations.

Glazing a turkey adds to a traditional oven-baked bird a layer of flavoring that in most cases is applied in the last hour of cooking. The recipes can be sweet or spicy, but the results are usually the same: a delicious addition of color and flavor to the holiday bird. Recipes for glazes abound, it is simply a matter of taste — literally.

And if you want more flavor not just on the outside, but inside as well, try injecting the turkey with a favorite marinade, practically guaranteeing delicious juiciness throughout the meat. The process calls for filling a needle injector with the marinade of choice and inserting it into the breasts and thighs with the recommended amount of .5 ounces of marinade for every five pounds of turkey.