Italian Wine


“I am a Tuscan wine and olive oil producer and like other Tuscan producers who go back many generations, I am confronted every day with the legacy of centuries and the evolution of time. I believe that when love for your estate, vineyards and olive groves is transmitted generation after generation, its gets into your DNA.” – Prince Girolamo Strozzi

The history of the Guicciardini is indissolubly linked to CASTELLO di POPPIANO, an impressive medieval building erected around the turn of the first millennium probably as a fortress for the external defense of the town of Florence. It has been the property of the Guicciardini for almost nine centuries, a claim documented by an inheritance act of 1199. The hills around the Castello di Poppiano have been for centuries the main site of farming activity by the Guicciardini who, even when involved in the public life of Florence, continued to look after their possessions in the country side. Olives and vines were the backbone of Poppiano’s farming activities. MASSI di MANDORLAIA covers 270 acres surrounding a dwelling of the xviii century. It is situated right in the middle of the Morellino area, in a zone which has always been known for being exceptionally well-suited for wines. BELVEDERE-CAMPÒLI in Chianti Classico is the latest jewel that since 2015 joined the Conte Guicciardini estates. It lies in one of the most suitable areas of Chianti Classico.