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Rouses Certified Seafood Experts

What Rouses Certified Seafood Experts Can Do for You

The next time you are at the seafood department of your local Rouses Market, be sure to take advantage of what our certified seafood experts can do for you. Here are a few ways they can help you with every type of seafood we sell.

Prep your fish or seafood

Whether you order fish or crustaceans, the Rouses seafood team can do more than count and weigh your selection. You can get your whole fish purchase processed at no additional charge. Need your fish fileted? Let the professionals handle it for you. Want scraps for a seafood stock? Consider it done. A seafood expert will wrap your selection separately, and when you get home, it’s ready for the pot. Your wish is their command.

Steam or boil your seafood in-house

Every seafood department at Rouses has pots prepared for boiling and steamers at the ready for any items you choose. You buy it, and a certified seafood expert will weigh it and tag it for cooking, and they will get it taken care of. Whether you want your seafood steamed or boiled right then or before tomorrow’s big game, the Rouses Markets team has you covered. Boiled lobster? Done. Steamed lobster? Just say the word and it’s cooked, packed up neatly, and ready for you to take home. No request is too unusual: Want your clams dropped in a crab boil for a nice Cajun kick? The Rouses certified seafood experts can do it.

Tell you where your seafood was caught

Rouses certified seafood experts can tell you where every item of seafood that we sell was caught. Rouses keeps a list of country of origin for every item in the department. If it’s a product of the United States, or if it’s an imported product from anywhere on Earth, they can give you the information you need to know about what you are taking home and feeding to your family.

Give you some cooking tips

We weren’t all born knowing how to boil crabs or bake salmon. Rouses has an extensive and diverse selection of seafood on offer year-round. If you want to try something new, but don’t know how to prepare it, ask a certified seafood expert! The team at Rouses can tell you the best ways to get the most flavor and best texture from your selection, as well as advice for clean handling and cooking to safe temperatures.

Make special orders

Looking for a type of seafood that you don’t see in the display case? A Rouses certified seafood expert can help. If it swims in the water and can be fished commercially, Rouses has partners locally and around the world who can fish it from the sea just for you. Just ask us to special order it, and it’s yours!