Why I Wear Pink


“I wear pink in memory and honor of my great-aunt Pam Morvant, who was truly more like a bonus grandmother to me. Aunt Pam’s diagnosis surprised us all. Aside from being a health-minded person who ate a clean diet and kept a clean house, her career as a radiology technician meant that she performed thousands of mammograms. When she was diagnosed at age 63 with stage 4 breast cancer (undetectable by a standard mammogram), that had already spread to her liver and into her bones, we were shocked and devastated. There was almost no time to react, the cancer continued to spread extremely fast, and just over a month later, she passed away. To honor my Aunt Pam, who I continue to miss dearly 12 years later, I wear pink. I give to cancer research charities that work to find cures and better treatments. I do not miss my monthly self-checks (reminder set in my phone!) or my annual checkup with my OB/GYN (even now, in 2020 – did you cancel or reschedule a well-check earlier this year? Get it back on your calendar!!). I don’t want to look back and say I could have done more to detect a lump earlier, but I also learned from my Aunt Pam that even doing everything “right”, you cannot always be in control – and so probably the biggest way I honor my Aunt Pam, in October and every day, is to cherish and live each moment I’m given, and to hug my children tight every chance I get.” – Ali Rouse Royster, 3rd Generation