Community Support

Our commitment to community has been at the heart our business for more than 60 years. – Donny Rouse, CEO, 3rd Generation

We Provided $2 Million in Community Support  in 2021. 

  • We’re building a stronger community together by providing local restaurants with a place to sell their dishes during COVID, and raising $650,000 for them
  • Employing more than 7,000 people — your friends, family and neighbors
  • Feeding our healthcare workers, police and firemen
  • Filling our local food banks with more than $500,000 in donations
  • Helping our local musicians and museums
  • Feeding the animals at Audubon Zoo and Aquarium
  • Supporting our local schools and their sports teams
  • Sponsoring community events and festivals
  • Providing disaster relief across the Gulf Coast
And wait until you see what we’re doing in 2022.​