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This is not a question that is apt to come up when a bowl of gumbo is first placed before you and your mouth is watering, either with hunger or with nostalgia for all those previous bowls of gumbo and the cherished memories that go along with them.

Every cook has his or her own way of making chicken soup, but the primary ingredients are always the same: chicken, broth, veggies and heat.

Once the stuffing was made, it had to be stuffed into the crawfish bodies, which were then baked, and then set aside while the bisque (stew) was prepared. The final step was to add the stuffed heads to the bisque and let them simmer gently before serving.

The first thing you need to know about pho is that it is a light, exquisite Vietnamese soup. The second thing you need to know is that it is pronounced fuh.

For those unfamiliar with turtle soup, the dish might be something of a head-scratcher. How did the slow-wobbling turtle become the focal point of a creation that’s not only revered as a Gulf Coast delicacy, but has become synonymous with über-high-end dining?