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Our roster of award-winning writers and photographers includes contributors to The New York Times, Saveur, Garden & Gun, Local Palate, Texas Monthly and more.

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January & February 2018

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Spanish Town's Flamingeaux

This year’s theme for the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade is “Game of Thongs.” If that choice seems questionable to you, let me remind you, it is well in keeping with this parade’s colorful history and the mantra of its thoroughly pink-flamingoed community: “Bad taste is better than no taste at all.”

MoonPie in the Sky

During the monthlong Mardi Gras season in Mobile, Alabama, the birthplace of Mardi Gras in America, over 30 parades roll through the downtown streets, each featuring a dozen floats. And at every parade, from every float, the prized catch is a MoonPie.

Cajun Carnival

In rural communities across Acadiana a different kind of Mardi Gras reigns. The Courir de Mardi Gras (loosely translated, “running of the Mardi Gras”) is a high-spirited, heart-racing procession that requires a lot of enthusiasm and a decent helping of athleticism. This is not for the meek or uncoordinated; the courir requires full and complete audience participation. And, yes, you’re probably going to have to run — in costume.

Carnival Music

The music that pours out of clubs, parties and bandstands during Carnival season revolves around a constellation of classic, well-worn hits that get people out of the chairs, onto their feet, shaking it up.

Throw Me Something, Mister

The Bourbon Street Awards is no drunken ceremony. No mindless reverie. And it’s no time for amateurs. Let’s just say the Bourbon Street Awards is not your daddy’s Mardi Gras — unless, of course, your daddy was a drag queen.

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