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My Rouses Everyday, May & June 2018

Beth Moncel started posting money-saving recipes on her blog, Budget Bytes, nearly 10 years ago.

Today, more than two and a half million people visit her blog each month.

Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, Moncel lived in New Orleans after graduating from LSU with degrees in nutritional science and dietetics, and clinical laboratory science. She was a frequent shopper at our Rouses Market in Mid City near her home. “I was at Rouses practically every day. Their selection of produce is definitely the best in the city. It’s always fresh, and there’s tons of variety.”

Moncel loves to cook because it combines her two favorite subjects: art and science. She began developing and photographing budget-friendly recipes for her blog while studying at LSU Health Sciences Center. Now, blogging is her full-time career. “Living in New Orleans definitely influenced my cooking and helped me expand my palate. There are so many flavors in this city from so many cultures, and living here was a daily reminder of how integrated food and culture really are.”

To stick to a budget, Moncel shops, cooks and eats by her Six Principles, which include tips like planning ahead, using ingredients wisely, and reducing waste by loving your leftovers. She plans meals based on what’s in her pantry, and buys and uses fresh vegetables and fruits in peak season to get the most food for her money. She uses her freezer to save leftover ingredients and leftover portions of cooked meals, and to stock up on sale items like cheese and meat.

Her food is anything but boring. “Eating on a budget doesn’t have to mean ramen every day,” she says. “I made it my mission to find ways to keep my diet well-rounded and satisfying, while also being budget-friendly.”

Food lovers will appreciate that Moncel also focuses on making dishes look as good as they taste. “Food always tastes better when it looks pretty,” she says. You can find her gallery of recipes on Instagram @budgetbytes.


Pork & Peanut Dragon Noodles