Blueberry Season

Every Season is Blueberry Season

Fresh blueberries are available in the store all year long because every season is blueberry season.

Blueberries are native to North America and enjoyed around the world. They are produced by domestic and international farmers who have a passion for growing the most delicious and high-quality blueberries. They come in many forms – including fresh, frozen, dried and canned – creating endless possibilities! All year round, wherever you are, you can make any day better with a boost of blue.

Blueberry Nutrition

Blueberries are a good source of fiber, a good source of Vitamin C, and contain various vitamins and minerals – all at just 80 calories per cup. So, grab a boost of blue! It’s a smart, delicious and easy choice you can make every day.


Not eating or using all your blueberries right away? One of the most common ways to store blueberries is keeping a stash of fresh blueberries in the fridge. It’s important to refrigerate fresh berries after a trip to the store or grocery delivery. You can keep them in the original plastic clamshell or in a covered bowl or container.

Freezing blueberries is a simple way to make sure you always have a boost of blue on hand for snacking, cooking or baking. If your blueberries came in a plastic clamshell container, you can pop them right in the freezer. Otherwise, use freezer containers or resealable plastic bags. We recommend waiting to rinse your blueberries until you take them out of the freezer to use. However, if you do rinse before freezing, be sure to dry them well with a paper towel. Use your frozen blueberries within 10 months (if you can wait that long) for best results!

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