Buttermilk Brined Turkey


1 gallon buttermilk
1 gallon water
2 cups kosher salt
6 tablespoons of your favorite rub (I like Cajun Blast Seasoned Rub)

12-pound turkey


Pour buttermilk into 1-gallon pitcher. Add 1 cup salt and stir until dissolved (only so much salt will dissolve in a gallon of liquid, so we are going to do this in steps). Add the 6 tablespoons of rub and stir until well mixed. Transfer into a brining container (for a small turkey use a stockpot; for a larger one, use a 5-gallon bucket).

Pour water into the 1-gallon pitcher and add the last cup of salt, stirring until completely dissolved. Pour it into the brine container, and stir again to mix.

Now it’s time to submerge the turkey. Remove the packaging from the turkey; be sure to remove the neck, giblets and anything else that might be in the bird’s cavity. Lower the turkey into the brine and use a heavy plate, bowl or even a bag of ice to weigh it down and make sure it doesn’t float. It’s important that the turkey be completely submerged. The turkey must stay between 33 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit, so the fridge is the best place to keep it while it brines. Let the turkey brine for 10-12 hours, then rinse well under cold water, pat dry and set aside.

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