Watermelon Rind Jell-O Smiles


6-pound watermelon, halved, with fruit removed (leave about ¼ inch of fruit in the rind).

3 (3-ounce) boxes watermelon flavored Jell-O

6 envelopes unflavored Jell-O


Cut watermelon in half and line a large baking sheet with paper towels to place the watermelon halves on. Do this near the refrigerator so you don’t have too far to carry it!

Scoop out the fruit, leaving about ¼ inch of fruit inside the rind. Set the watermelon fruit aside and save it for another use.

Mix watermelon flavored Jell-O and unflavored Jell-O together, and prepare liquid Jell-O mixture according to package. Pour Jell-O mixture into the two watermelon halves and transfer baking sheet to the refrigerator. Chill for four hours or more.

After your gelatin has set, remove one of the watermelon halves from the fridge and place it on a cutting board.

Use a sharp knife to cut it into 1-inch slices. The gelatin will be nice and firm because of the added unflavored gelatin in the recipe.

Even though you filled the watermelon rind with liquid gelatin, when it solidified, it shrank too. You can just trim the excess tips off of each slice.

Cut each watermelon slice into three triangles. Repeat with second watermelon half.

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