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Mexican Wedding Cookies

…version). The most recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke with royal tradition; the couple chose a lemon elderflower cake with buttercream frosting, decorated with fresh flowers….

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Rouses Wedding Flowers

…The florist at the Mandeville store handles most of the North Shore weddings, which often include a lot of garlands and more classic settings, while the Baronne Street store in…

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Original Tujagues standup bar New Orleans

…bar stools. Customers (all male, of course!) stood at the bar, often with one foot resting on the brass floor rail. Very few bars of that style still remain today….

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Mobile, Alabama Mardi Gras float

…of the usual 12-ounce, also for a nickel. With the MoonPie as the biggest snack cake for a nickel and the RC Cola as the biggest soft drink, together they…

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Barbecue ribs with sauce, BBQ

…cup of strong coffee, I’m staring at a mountain of smoked meat, formulating a plan of attack. Should I start with a few bites of sliced brisket? The perfect pink…

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Chef Leah Chase by Kit Wohl, Dooky Chase's

…ask my grandchildren to give my Sprite some color, add some Crown Royal.” Just like at her parent’s table 90 years ago. She created this cocktail to toast Disney’s 2009…

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chef Andrea Appuzo of Italy

…very effective, but the best education in cooking I ever had. I propped my laptop on the stove top and watched Andrea cook each dish, step by step, while I…

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Rice callas fritters

…original location was around the corner on Royal Street, just uptown from St. Peter Street. Or so I heard. Other sources told me that it either had never moved, or…

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Chef Andrea Apuzzo, Italian

step by step, while I wrote it all down. We measured, timed, and took the temperature of everything. If Andrea did something I didn’t understand, he would stop and explain…

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bourbon barrels Buffalo Trace distillery Kenucky

…must be told—and it comes with a little family history of its own. We’ll start with punch. British Lord Admiral Edward Russell in 1694 ordered a pool filled with punch…

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exterior historic French Market in New Orleans

…in Biloxi today. Desporte & Sons Seafood Market & Deli on Division Street is the oldest family-run seafood market on the Gulf Coast. But for most immigrants, agriculture was the…